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Poetry sampler

Where you are from

Step across the Pennines

And Hadrian's wall

In one step

I am a poly-thing

And us, and we.

And you?

Are your roots all in the same place?

Is that even a thing?

Is there such a space

Where all roots are one?

 My family far spun

Under East Anglian sun blue skies

Northumbrian winter shores.

My rock is here and there.

East West across dun green lowland hills

Sometime North - well, Perth at least.

And what of becoming?

I am from no thing

So which thing will I be?

With so much choice it's hard to know. 

My garden soil from many places

My roots divided.

My love, uncut, strong.


Snow falling

Something about the snow falling

No blizzard, just falling.

Speaks of silence.

Black trees gather whiteness

Like thick blossom

Lines in darkness.

Keeps on falling.

Like a strange lover's embrace

Layering thickly.

Paths disappearing

Directions soften

So just sit here and watch the snow falling.

I mostly write about whatever is occurring for me. Sometimes it will be about nature, sometimes about people, and generally about whatever feelings go with that.

If you would like a bespoke poem get in touch and we can explore that further

I have been involved in Glasgow City of Poets for a year and more. What a bunch of truly inspirational people. Click on the link to go their website for more of my and other poets' work

Link to Glasgow City of Poets
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